Bell’articolo su Entertainment Weekly in cui si analizzano le teorie su the Constant, l’episodio di lot dedicato a Desmond, con qualche chiarificazione da Damon Lindelof sui viaggi temporali, sui loro effetti diversi su Minkowsky e Desmond, e su cosa indirizzare le nostre idee.

To be clear, Desmond’s past was different before ”The Constant.” Before his time-travel adventure, Desmond never met Faraday at Oxford, never got Penelope’s digits. As a consequence of changing the past, Desmond’s personal history has been ”course corrected [..] But here’s a Big Question: since scoring Penelope’s phone number, has Course-Corrected Desmond lived his life knowing that on Christmas Eve 2004, he MUST be on a freighter in the South Pacific in order to make a call to Penelope if he wants any chance of having a future with her? Lindelof says this is indeed a matter we should be mulling”.