penny widmoreAlla domanda “Ti vedremo presto in Lost?” l’attrice che interpreta l’amata di Desmond Penny Widmore risponde: “Bisognerebbe chiedere alla ABC, non sono sotto contratto con loro ma con la HBO. Quando sono disponibile e hanno bisogno di me, volo alle Hawaii e giro un episodio.”

IGN TV: Will we be seeing you soon on Lost again?
Walger: We’ll have to ask ABC! I’m at their beck and call. I’m not under contract with them, I’m under contract with HBO. But if I’m available and if they need me, and if it fits in, I’ll fly to Hawaii and do another episode, sure. [..] I usually go down there and they make it worth my while, and then we have a fun arc to play with. Ian’s great. He’s a lovely guy to work with, so it’s fun.

Tutta l’intervista su IGN, via LostMediaMentions

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