octagon recruiting lost

Nuovo messaggio email da parte della , che annuncia che il capo della Dharma Recruiting, Mr. Hans Van Eeghen, sar? al di san Diego per visionare i possibili nuovi elementi Dharma. Tutti a San Diego dal 24 al 27 Luglio, oppure seguite con noi questa nuova Experience!

Ma c’? di pi?: leggendo il codice della pagina c’? un messaggio nascosto:

?If you?re reading this, wanna hear something cool?
I?ve got intel about his little ?recruitment drive.?
They?re doing some kind?ve personality/IQ testing or something down in SD for ComicCon.
Buddy of mine works down there and has the approvals for their ?booth,? he says once you go in no one knows what happens inside and you need an appointment to get in. He also said to make sure you?ve got your Bluetooth on and visible ? he?s rigged up a little something.

The whole thing sounds like elitist B.S., doesn?t it?
Well, I?m getting in that booth and taking the test.
As many times as I have to before I ?pass? (whatever that means?)
And then?
If I can?
I?m gonna tape it so EVERYONE can see what these idiots are up to.
Should be fun, right?
See ya in SD. RuckusGuy OUT.