lost in tv

Manca poco pi? di una settimana al ritorno di con le ultime puntate di questa , e Entertainment Weekly ha recentemente fatto un giro sul set e assicura nuovi cambi di scenario per il finale, il ritorno del mostro e di alcuni personaggi che non vedevamo da un po’ come , e le risposte a molte domande, in particolare sugli Oceanic Six e su chi ? nella bara.

More momentously, the finale ? whose Big Twist is code-named ”Frozen Donkey Wheel” ? will set the stage for another series reinvention. […] executive producer Damon says, ”We’re taking the same approach. You think the show is, ‘Okay, they’re on the Island, and then ? whoosh ? you’re in the past or the future.’ By the end of season 4, I think the audience is going to go, ‘How can the show continue to be that?’ And they are absolutely right.”
”The question of ‘Do you guys know where you’re going?’ kind of evaporated,” says . ”People are no longer fearful that they’re going to be led like lemmings to a cliff edge and plunge off.”

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